Press Release
       January 1st, 2024

2Interact is announcing the formation of its sister company, SSAXML Open API (SSAXML©). Having identified the critical need for a Global Social Security Administration API Standard that enables external systems to talk to Interact SSAS, and each other, 2Interact took the initiative to launch a new company, SSAXML, which will focus solely on the development of a Global SSA Open API Standard. Given the fact that there is no existing Global SSA API Standard, 2Interact has taken the initiative to establish such a standard though its sister company, SSAXML©. The primary objectives of SSAXML© include:

-          Design and Specifications of the SSA API Standard known as SSA-XML©

-          Development of the SSA-XML© API Standard

-          Certification of SSA-XML© Compliance of Software Providers who would like to comply with SSA-XML©

-          Provide SSA-XML© Training

-          SSA-XML© Membership Management

-          Documentation and Update of SSA-XML©

SSA-XML© is Level-7 Inter-Application Communication Protocol is based on SOAP and XML. And will be schema based where a number of schemas will be developed, each will handle specific segment of Social Security Administration Data and Processes such as Employer, Employees, Beneficiary, Financial Institutions, Healthcare Providers, Individuals, Social Security Number, Benefits Contributions, Contributions Payments, Benefit Claims, Benefit Claims Payments, Documentation, etc. The aim of SSA-XML© API is to enable software providers who provide software for Social Security Administration to communicate with each other using one Global SSA API that is open to all, thus lowering the cost to the clients and providers. In conclusion SSA-XML© will be an International Global Inter-Applications Communication Language.

Currently SSAXML© with its Legal Team, are in the process of developing bylaws that will govern SSA-XML© licensing, membership, certification, and other protocols governing the development and use of SSA-XML©. We will keep all our clients posted of the development plan and the release date. Note that SSA-XML© development will be evolving with the requirements of the Social Security Administration Agencies throughout the world, and our Clients will be actively involved in providing their feedback during the SSA-XML© Specifications and Development stages.

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